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I need a bit of help

10/10/12 by Remorph

I have logic express. I would like to know how to make awesome background sound effects with synths, so I can remix effectively. Like pitch altering synths, sounds, etc... Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :3

Also considering getting FL, but I don't see any reason to convert from Logic Express to FL. I've never even seen FL... Is it better? Pros? Cons? Thanks... :)


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logic express is for faggitz

10/13/12 Remorph responds:'s the sub par troll...



Guess it depends on the kind of song.
If you want a deep background type of thing, lower the instruments tone as low as it needs to go, and then sort of... shake it around? Like... make it glitchy?
Or if you want a bright an dreamy one, make it like... the highest note possible, then make it some kind of weird pattern.
I tried that back in my garageband days. Have no idea if it was worth it.
As for FL, maybe you could make a song in Logic, then move it to FL and add instruments?


10/11/12 Remorph responds:

I'm confused... You chew me out, but you're still talking to me. Whatever.